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AIM Architecture Office Address:
34 Buchan Street,
Meadow Heights,
Vic, 3048
Work Inquiries
Phone Number: +61 411 803 167


AIM Architecture take a systematic, yet intuitive approach to design, drawing upon creativity and

technical expertise to deliver an all-inclusive high-quality solution.

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure all of your requirements are accounted for and offer a

free complimentary 30-minutes consultation ($350 value) that includes a transparent look at costs involved.


About Our Core Services

Building Design & Planning

Whether it’s building your dream home: single, double, triple, apartments, multi-residential, units, townhouses or a large-scale commercial project, our mix of science and art provide architectural solutions that elevate your design to another level. From the initial sketch, we continue to work with your feedback and needs to fine tune your design into something remarkable.

Project Management

Allow our technical expertise to oversee and complete your design project within scope. We act as your representative for all aspects on a project to ensure a big picture view. In overseeing your project from conception to completion, we are able to ensure consistency in deliverables and the best possible outcome.


We partner with the best in the business to offer the highest quality build that is also cost competitive. AIM Architecture stays present throughout the process to oversee development proceedings and deliver a breathtaking finished design that blows you away, for all the right reasons

Benefits Of Working With AIM Architecutre

  • As a boutique firm we keep the end user in mind at all times during the design process. There’s no point living in a stunning, contemporary home if it doesn’t function for your family and lifestyle!
  • We make sure you have everything you need include without any unnecessary extras. This way you won’t end up with an over-designed, overpriced home rather than a beautiful unstated one with luxury touches.
  • We work across a range of projects, but are well known for our specialty in residential and commercial developments, including luxury homes and custom build homes.
  • Builders are an essential part of the process, but unfortunately, they don’t offer the same design capabilities designers can. The great news is we also have long-standing professional relationships with Engineers and Surveyors often needed later on in different areas of the build.
  • Building regulations and codes are an essential part of the approval process. This is also the area we see most people approach incorrectly in the beginning that causes big problems down the track. We take care of this to ensure you don’t make a costly and time-consuming mistake.
We work to create a custom proposal tailored to your needs after discussing these with you in more detail.
  • Feasibility Design Studies
  • Concept and Schematic Design
  • 3D Visualisation and Modelling
  • Tender Design Development
  • Preliminary Design Development
  • Landscape Design
  • Interior Design
  • Town Planning and Reports
  • Construction Drawings
  • Building Permit Documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Building Surveyor Services
  • Quantity Surveyor Services
  • Energy Rating Services
  • Council Consultation
  • Construction
  • Financing
  • Superintendency
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